Located at 315 Wallace Ave, Louisville, Ky 40207. Matt & Mark are skilled bow makers and do exceptional instrument repair in a timely manner. They are easy to work with and are the local place to go to take your professional instrument for a ‘tune up’. They have a great variety of instruments spanning a wide range of prices to ensure that any student can afford a quality instrument as they grow in their musicianship.

Located at 4210 Shelbyville Rd, St. Matthews, Ky 40207. The staff at Mel Owen are knowledgeable in instrument repair and accessories for every instrument you can find in a symphony orchestra and more! They can fix any problem and find you any level of string, rosin, or even my very favorite ‘mega stand’! There is no better shop in town to care for your student level instrument while earning money toward the purchase of a full-size cello.