Summer Strings

My hope for this program is to open up students to new ideas for how to play and what to play during the months spent away from school orchestra. I would like to foster a community of young cellists that could become a resource for one another later in life.

In short, I want to keep the cello music coming!

Drop me a line or give me a ring to reserve your student’s spot!



@ Grace Salsman Cello Studio

July 13-24, 2015


WHAT: A two-week course for the intermediate cellist.

WHO: This course is best suited for the middle & high school aged student cellist possessing a skill set noted below:

~read and locate all bass clef notes on cello

~extensions in 1st position

~shifting from 1st position to 2nd & 3rd positions

~counting rhythms with whole, half, quarter, eighth, and dotted notes/rests.

WHEN: July 13,15,17,20,22,24 from 9am to 12noon. A casual recital will be held early evening Friday the 24th. Each student must commit to all dates to attend the academy.

WHERE: Grace Salsman Cello Studio located in St. Matthews on Warner Avenue between Cannons and Breckenridge Lanes.

COST: $180
(partial and full scholarships available)

WHY: This course is being offered because playing the cello is fun! Learning more about the cello and making music with fellow cello fans can only make it even better!


~Classes will take place M-W-F of two consecutive weeks, three hours each day.

~While the majority of our time together will be spent rehearsing music/learning chamber ensemble playing skills and putting into practice the essentials of music theory we will also spend time discussing historic musical figures, luthiering, and instrument maintenance as well as our thoughts on the effect of music in our community.

~A casual (read shorts and t-shirts, fresh squeezed lemonade on the patio) recital/celebration will be held the afternoon of the final session for family and friends.


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