Sep 24

September 24, 2014

Woah, Nellie!

I am a slow-poke.  Notorious, in fact.  I walk slowly.  I am a fan of the slow food movement.  I have to keep from going below the speed minimum when driving long stretches of the interstate… Did you say ‘vivace’?  How ’bout ‘andante’ instead?  Lento?  Even better! So, sometimes, it’s hard for me to understand why a student would take a tune so000 fast upon seeing it for the first time.  Initially, when it happened, I was totally surprised.  Of course…

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Aug 20

August 20, 2014

To Rent or Not to Rent?

Strings Magazine posted a great article about what to look for when shopping around for a student instrument. Drop me a line if you still have unanswered questions after giving this article a looksie. Enjoy!  

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Aug 5

August 5, 2014

Back to school so soon?

It’s that time again here in Louisville, Kentucky.  Back to school on August 13th! As a budding musician, you’ll need to take this time before the first day of school to plan for when and how you’ll make your instrument a priority during the school year.  Remember, learning your instrument is your responsibility and it takes a lot of work.  Practicing at school or only on the weekends just won’t cut it — so let’s think on when you can…

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Jul 28

July 28, 2014

Volunteer with Kentucky Center for the Arts!

To find out how, visit their website and register for an upcoming orientation. Act FAST!  The  orientation dates for the 2014-2015 season are all coming up in August.  Don’t miss out on a very cool opportunity to play a part in Louisville’s arts scene!  

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Jul 21

July 21, 2014

Kentucky Cello Day

Take a look at this opportunity for burgeoning cellists in the state of Kentucky.  I’m planning to take a couple of students.  Maybe you’d like to come along?  We’d love to have you!  

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Apr 9

April 9, 2014

Mayor’s Give a Day of Service

Are you going to give a day to make Louisville a more compassionate community? Check out what you can do by visiting the website and choosing or creating a service opportunity. One of my favorite opportunities to serve my community with my music is by playing with the Kling Chamber Orchestra.  It’s a string orchestra developed to give senior adults an opportunity to continue playing beautiful and challenging music alongside friends, young and old.  When we have a concert’s worth…

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Apr 3

April 3, 2014

It’s up to you.

There are several things I would like to do better. Chopping vegetables My backhand for tennis Thumb position Good thing for me I know exactly how to get better at each of those things.  Practice. That’s right.  Practice will do the trick.  The more I chop veggies and cook at home, the better and faster I will be at chopping onion for my marinara.  The more I get out on the court, the more opportunities I will have to practice…

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Feb 26

February 26, 2014


I’m very proud of my students.  Each week they come into my studio to show me what they’ve accomplished with their instrument in the past week.  It is always a thrill.  Be the improvements small or large, they are never insignificant and I love to hear what they can do. Students that are enrolled in the county youth orchestra or their school orchestras compete throughout the year for different honors.  And when they do well, my heart swells with pride…

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Jan 22

January 22, 2014

Let’s be honest.

When students enter my studio and begin to unpack their instrument, I like to chat and catch up on the events of the week. How was school?  Any big projects going on at the office? Did you do anything fun over the weekend? How did your science test go? How was practice this week? I like to hear about your life!  I like taking a moment to get to know you while we get set up and take a breath…

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Jan 15

January 15, 2014

Ugh. Bad Rehearsals Happen.

We all have a bad rehearsal.  Our head is just not in the game.  The bow is flopping and squawking.  The left hand fingers seem sluggish.  Oh, and the conductor’s tempo is nearing the speed of light that leaves you in a cloud of dust. You feel me? Who’s been there? That was me.  Last night.  Ugh. A few times I just stopped playing so I could take a second to slap myself straight (all in my head, of course)….

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