It’s a myth!

November 30, 2015|Posted in: Uncategorized

And, it’s all in your head.

The longer I teach, the more I hear from my students how beautifully I play.

Thank you, you sweet, ignorant, dears.  *wry smile*

There’s a myth that originates in the mind of students, and it goes something like this:  “My teacher plays perfectly.  They must think I’m such a putz.  I’ll never play like them.”

Truth is, you only hear the good stuff.  You’ll likely never hear me struggle with a piece in V, VI, or VII positions.  You’ll never get to hear what it was like for me to muddle through learning how to read tenor clef.  You’ll rarely see me sight read, and you shouldn’t.

You shouldn’t hear what I can do in your lesson.  I should be listening to what you can do.  Because of this, your perspective is greatly skewed.

Myth: Busted!  I don’t think you’re a putz, and my greatest hope is that you will not just play like me, but play better than me!  I believe that a good teacher should cheer you on to do what you want to do with what you’ve learned.  If that means you surpass my personal abilities, so be it. I’m doing my best to be a good teacher to you.

As the kids say these days:  you do you.  *sincere smile*





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