Grace Salsman Cello Studio:  Background & Philosophy

I hold a degree in Music Education–strings (cello) and vocal.  In addition to private students, I have taught elementary, middle, and high school orchestras.  My private students have ranged in age from 6 to 60, some of whom have decided to study for a short time and others who continued their studies for more than two years.
Currently, I play in a quartet, violin/cello duo, cello duo and I am a cellist with the Louisville Philharmonia:  The Musicians’ Orchestra.  I also hold the roles of Orchestra Manager and cellist with the Kling Chamber Orchestra.  I am a soprano with the Schola of St. Francis of Assisi.

My teaching style is straightforward and step-wise:  A student should not learn this before demonstrating knowledge and ability of that.  My hope is that every beginning student can leave the first lesson playing the instrument with correct posture so that we can build on those steps to create more music going forward.
When I feel that it will aid in your learning, I will play along with you on cello or piano and when the student advances to a level of proficiency in reading and skill, I like to work up duets.  I aim to have a house concert in which students can perform solo and/or chamber works twice a year.
Teaching and learning work best when the time spent together is good for both the student and the teacher.  My goal as a teacher is to create excitement for, and experiences with, the cello from which both the student and I can reap pleasure and satisfaction of a job well done.

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